Obtaining firearms

Once you have a licence you can apply for a permit to acquire a firearm . For more information on this process, visit Information Sheet 40 – Permit to Acquire Firearms

You can only acquire firearms of the same category as your licence.

In order to obtain a firearm:

More information to help you make your application and obtain a firearm can be found in each of the Genuine Reason information sheets and the Firearms Licence Application Form.

A few basic firearms rules:

  • You have to have a licence before you get a firearm.
  • All firearms have to be registered, unless they are specifically exempt from registration.
  • You can only buy or sell firearms and firearm parts through a dealer.
  • You have to store your firearms according to the storage rules.
  • You must comply with the conditions on your licence.
  • You must comply with the requirements for firearms licence holders in Tasmania.
  • You can only possess, use or store firearms of the same category as your licence.
  • Take care of yourself and the people around you when you are using firearms