The Australian Border Force regulates the importation of firearms, firearm parts and ammunition components into Australia under the Customs Act 1901.

As part of the importation process Tasmania Police is required to confirm that the person wishing to undertake the importation of the items is either:

  • Appropriately licensed to possess the items; or
  • Is exempt from the licensing requirement.

Firearms Services process and issue Police Confirmation and Certification (commonly known as B709) to verify the above information enabling firearms or associated components to be imported. This form is colloquially known as an “Import Permit”. This document is not an import permit as such, it is simply a police verification that the applicant is either appropriately licensed to possess the item(s), or is exempt from the licensing requirement.

It should be noted that the Australian Border Force can exercise their right to refuse entry to any items.

Further information, including downloadable import permit applications, are available on the Firearms and weapons page of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.