1. Complete an application form

Complete a firearms licence application form

2. Check your proof of identity

Check that you have 100 points of original identification.

3. Find out what fees you need to pay

Refer to the current Licence and Permit Fees.

4. Get your application processed

Submit your application at Service Tasmania with your:

  • completed application form
  • 100 points of original identification
  • photocopies of 100 points of identification for certification
  • payment for the relevant fees.

5. Approval letter (authority to attend course)

We send you a letter telling you:

  • if your application is approved
  • if approved, what training you need to complete, usually a Firearms Safety Training Course.
  • who to contact to arrange training  – usually TasTAFE.

6. Attend training

  • Within 6 months of the approval letter, you must attend the relevant course.
  • Upon completion of the course, the training provider will send your certificate of competency directly to Firearms Services.
  • Depending on the type of licence, you may then be asked to provide further evidence to support your application.
  • Upon completion of the course and provided you have satisfied all other requirements, you will be sent a verification letter.
  • Failure to attend the training course within in the specified 6 months will see your application withdrawn.

7. Have your photo taken

  • Take the verification letter that we send to you to Service Tasmania to have your photo taken.
  • Take with you (a) 100 points of original identification, and (b) the verification letter.

8. Issuing the licence

The photographic licence will then be printed and sent to you in due course.