Ammunition is defined under the legislation to include anything that consists of a cartridge case fitted with a primer and projectile or primer material containing both a propelling charge and a projectile, any blankfire cartridge, airgun pellet, training cartridge, gas cartridge, explosive components of ammunition, paintball pellets or seal control caps.

You are entitled to possess ammunition if you are the holder of a licence for a firearm which takes that particular type of ammunition.

Only a licensed firearms dealer, employee of a dealer can sell or supply ammunition to another person.  The exception to this is a person who obtains specific authorisation from the Commissioner of Police to sell or supply ammunition in a remote area.

There are also limitations on the amount of ammunition a person can acquire or possess, depending on the type of firearm and the genuine reason relating to the firearm licence.  The amount is based on how much a person reasonably requires for a particular firearm according to the genuine reason for which their licence was issued.  Refer to Regulations 9 & 14 of the Firearms Regulations 2006.

Ammunition must also be stored separately to your firearm, in a locked container of an approved type.  See: Ammunition Storage Requirements.