There are a number of important safety requirements you must comply with when transporting or conveying firearms from one place to another.

If you wish to deliver your firearm, part or ammunition to another person you must do so in person, or through someone who appears able to ensure the security of the firearm, firearm part of ammunition during the course of delivery.

People engaged in the business of transporting goods must transport the ammunition in a separate package from a firearm or firearm part.

When conveying your firearms or ammunition from one place to another, any magazines must be unloaded, ammunition must be in a closed container completely separate from the firearm, which must also be unloaded and either:

  • Be in a locked receptacle; or
  • The bolt removed and kept in a closed container, completely separate from the firearm; or
  • A trigger/action lock fitted that prevents the firearm from being used.

There are some exceptions to these requirements as outlined in Section 104(2) of the Act.