1. Sport or target shooting

You must be a current member of an approved shooting organisation that conducts competitions or activities involving the type of firearms you wish to own.  A copy of current membership is required with your application and you must also complete an Approval for Exchange of Information between Approved Clubs and Tasmania Police.

2. Recreational hunting or vermin control

You must produce a statutory declaration or official document signed by the owner or occupier of the land, the Director of the National Parks and Wildlife, or the Chief Executive Officer of the Forestry corporation established under section 6 of the Forestry Act 1920 giving permission to shoot a specified type of animal or vermin on specified land. A copy of this document is required with your application.

3. Primary production

You must be a primary producer or employed in the business of primary production, and in the case of an application for a category C licence, produce evidence that you intend to use the firearm solely to suppress vertebrate pest animals on the land, or destroy animals to avoid their pain and suffering.

In order to establish your genuine need for a category C licence, additional information is required in support of your application, namely:

  • Primary Production Statutory Declaration sworn before a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations.
  • Note that your Statutory Declaration must include:
    • Proof that you are a primary producer or employed by a primary producer, e.g. tax exemption number, invoices etc.
    • Type of primary production you are engaged in.
    • A statement that you intend to use the firearm solely for primary production purposes, to suppress vertebrate pest animals on the land or destroy animals to avoid their pain and suffering.
    • Size of the property.
    • Your need for a category C firearm (must demonstrate sufficient need).
    • Why your needs cannot be met by a category A or B firearm, which includes pump and lever action rifles.
    • If there are other means available to you to control vermin, other than the use of firearms, e.g. additional fencing etc.

If you require employees to use category C firearms, please provide details of full time employees who will be required to use a category C firearm in the course of their employment.  If you do not wish to provide this information you will be required to provide a Statutory Declaration for each employee who lodges an application for a category C licence.  Please note that category C licences for employees engaged in primary production will be issued for 12 months only.  At the end of that period a new application will be required.

Copies of previous or existing permits (issued by Parks and Wildlife) may support your need to suppress vertebrate pest animals.

As a category C licence relates to firearms that have been restricted throughout Australia, you should note that such a licence is only granted if you have satisfactorily demonstrated your genuine reason and sufficient need for such a firearm. Therefore at the time of applying for your licence for the purposes of primary production, you should give consideration to also applying for other categories of licences, i.e. category A and/or B.

4. Animal population control

You must be a professional shooter whose principal or only occupation is the business of controlling vertebrate pest animals or be a person employed by or in, or authorised, by, a prescribed government agency that has functions relating to vertebrate pest animals. Proof of profession required with application.

5. Animal welfare

You must be one of the following:

Copy of relevant documents required to accompany application. Acts and Regulations information is available on the Tasmanian Legislation website.

6. Business or employment as a firearms dealer, security agent or guard, commercial fishing or paintball

You must produce evidence that it is necessary to your business or employment to, possess or use a particular firearm.  Proof is required with the application.

Firearms dealer or employee

If you are applying for a firearm’s dealer licence or as an employee of a firearms dealer, there is a separate application process you must follow. Refer: Firearms Dealers information.

Security Agents and Security Guards

To possess or use a firearm for security work you must be a Security Agent or Guard and obtain a category H6 firearms licence.

Security Agent is permitted to acquire two (2) pistols for security work.  A Security Guard is not permitted to own a pistol for security work, but may apply for a category H6 licence that allows its possession and use for work purposes.

If you are a Security Agent and have staff who you need to allocate a pistol for security work purposes, you must provide details on your Application for a Permit to Acquire a Firearm to verify why you need any additional firearms.  You must also provide the names and licence numbers for any staff who you would be issuing a pistol.

An application for a category H6 firearms licence must be accompanied by the following proof:

  • Security Agent – must have three letters from three businesses (on business letterhead) providing details as to the types of duties you are required to perform as a Security Agent which necessitates possession and/or use of a firearm. Note if you are a security agent employed by one major company, such as Chubb or Armaguard, one letter (on company letterhead) is sufficient.
  • Security Agent – must supply a copy of both sides of your current Security Agent licence, issued under the Security and Investigation Agents Act
  • Security Guard  must have a letter from your employer (a Security Agent) providing details as to the types of duties you are required to perform as a Security Guard that necessitates your possessing and/or using a firearm. For example; cash carrying, alarm response, property protection.
  • Security Guard – must supply a copy of both sides of your current Security Guard licence, issued under the Security and Investigation Agents Act

Fishing for commercial purposes

Commercial fishermen can apply for a licence for reason of ‘business or employment’ for such purposes as discharging seal deterrent ammunition.

Paintball operator

Where the genuine reason for possessing a firearm is to conduct a paintball business within Part 6A of the Firearms Act. This includes where the genuine reason for possessing a firearm is to be employed by a paintball business.

7. Firearms collection

You must be a bona fide firearms collector and a member of an approved society which collects firearms of the type specified in the category for which you are applying. Copy of membership must accompany the application. You must show that your collection will be of significant commemorative, historical, thematic or investment value. Any firearms held in a collection manufactured after 1 January 1900, other than a firearm referred to in section 17(1), must be rendered temporarily incapable of being fired. Any firearm referred to in section 17(1) in the collection must, in the prescribed manner, be rendered permanently incapable of being fired.

8. Show or exhibition (Museums)

If your genuine reason for possessing a firearm is for show or exhibition, evidence must be produced relative to the application.

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