Prospective paintball business owners will first need a ‘Category A, Reason 6’ Firearms Licence.

Even if you already hold a category A firearms licence, you will need to apply for a new separate paintball licence (although you will not be required to undertake a TasTAFE Firearms Safety Training Course if you have already completed one).

To obtain a ‘Category A, Reason 6’ Firearms Licence for paintball you will need to attend Service Tasmania to complete the relevant forms and identification checks. Identification information can be found on the Acceptable Identification Methods page of this website. The paintball licence is a totally separate licence to other firearms licences and requires a new application.

Once you have received a letter granting you authority to undertake the Firearms Safety Training Course, you have six months to enroll in a course.

You can then begin sourcing markers, paintballs and other equipment.

You will need to complete an Application for Permit to Acquire a Firearm. You will be required to wait the mandatory 28 days between lodging the application and approval.

You cannot take possession of any paintball markers until both the Firearms Licence (A6) and the Application to Acquire a Firearm have been issued and an inspection of your firearms storage facility has been completed.

Once you have received your ‘Category A, Reason 6’ Firearms Licence you can apply for Certificate of Registration as a Paintball Operator.

Employees of paintball operators

An employee of a paintball business must also hold a ‘Category A, Reason 6’ paintball licence.

An application for a new licence (or endorsement) made by a prospective employee of a paintball business must be accompanied by a statutory declaration completed by the Paintball Business Owner/Operator that includes:

  • the name of the Paintball Business
  • the location of the Paintball Range;
  • confirmation from the employer that it is their ‘intention to employ’ the applicant in the said Paintball Business

Details of the role or capacity in which the applicant is to be employed (e.g. referee).