To apply for a firearms licence you must first consider whether you have a ‘genuine reason’ to possess or use a firearm.  Personal protection or protection of your family or property is not a genuine reason.  The Firearms Act 1996 defines genuine reasons for use or possession of a firearm as including:

  1. Sport or target shooting
  2. Recreational hunting or vermin control
  3. Primary production
  4. Animal population control
  5. Animal welfare
  6. Business or employment as a firearms dealer, security agent or security guard. This reason also covers:
    1. Commercial fishermen for such purposes as discharging seal deterrent ammunition
    2. Paintball operators
  7. Firearms collection
  8. Show or exhibition (Museum)

When you apply for a firearms licence you will be required to provide proof of your genuine reason. You must fulfil a range of requirements depending on what genuine reason/s you have supplied.

You are only authorised to use a firearm for the purpose stated on the licence.  For example, if the genuine reason of target shooting is provided, you are not authorised to use a firearm for the purposes of recreational hunting.

You may apply for more than one genuine reason on your licence application but if you do, you are required to fulfil all the requirements for each genuine reason.

For further information about the proof you need to provide for each genuine reason, refer to the Supporting Evidence (Proof) page on this website.