If a firearm or firearm part is not being used, maintained, or conveyed it must be stored in a locked receptacle.

Receptacles must not be easily penetrable;

Receptacles must be made
a) of metal at least 2mm thick for Category A or B firearms and firearm parts; or
b) of concrete;

Receptacles that weigh less than 150kg (when empty) must be fixed by masonry fixing bolts or coach screws (as appropriate):
a) at least twice to a wall and at least twice to the floor; or
b) at least four times to either a wall or a floor;
In a manner that prevents easy removal;

The lock on the receptacle must be an internal locking mechanism.

The receptacle must have:
a) an internal hinging mechanism; or
b) a mechanism that, when the receptacle is locked, would prevent the door from being opened if the hinges were removed.