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Submission # Name Date received
 Submission 01Internal submission (not publishable)2 February 2023
 Submission 02Ray Williams6 February 2023
 Submission 03Ruth Gordon9 February 2023
 Submission 04Russell Cunningham9 February 2023
 Submission 05Graeme Whiteley9 February 2023
 Submission 06Patrick Dwyer10 February 2023
 Submission 07Anonymous (written submissions)10 February 2023
 Submission 08Maureen Robinson11 February 2023
 Submission 09Ethan Lucas12 February 2023
 Submission 10Max Collins13 February 2023
 Submission 11Troy Neal15 February 2023
 Submission 12Ian O’Neill16 February 2023
 Submission 13Rolf Hey17 February 2023
 Submission 14Mark Bakowski9 February 2023
 Submission 15Confidential submission17 February 2023
 Submission 16Confidential submission20 February 2023
 Submission 17Internal submission (not publishable)20 February 2023
 Submission 18Gun Control Australia21 February 2023
 Submission 19David Jackson22 February 2023
 Submission 20Internal submission (not publishable)22 February 2023
 Submission 21Ian Tucker22 February 2023
 Submission 22Internal submission (not publishable)23 February 2023
 Submission 23Internal submission (not publishable)28 February 2023
 Submission 24Internal submission (not publishable)1 March 2023
 Submission 25Internal submission (not publishable)1 March 2023
 Submission 26Internal submission (not publishable)8 March 2023
 Submission 27SSAA Glenorchy8 March 2023
 Submission 28Australian Medical Association9 March 2023
 Submission 29Alannah & Madeline Foundation10 March 2023
 Submission 30Dave Cowle10 March 2023
 Submission 31Ian Hill13 March 2023
 Submission 32Owen Wensley13 March 2023
 Submission 33Gareth Gunn14 March 2023
 Submission 34Samuel Diprose Adams15 March 2023
 Submission 35Shooting Industry Foundation Australia15 March 2023
 Submission 36Bronte Deer Stalkers15 March 2023
 Submission 37Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (Tas)15 March 2023
 Submission 38SSAA Militaria Collectors Tasmania15 March 2023
 Submission 39Shooters Union Australia16 March 2023
 Submission 40Russell Montgomery16 March 2023
 Submission 41Ernst Millet (1)17 March 2023
 Submission 42Meander Liffey Resource Management Group17 March 2023
 Submission 43Jeffrey Blackmore17 March 2023
 Submission 44Australian Deer Association Tasmania17 March 2023
 Submission 45Confidential submission17 March 2023
 Submission 46Kathryn Ritchie17 March 2023
 Submission 47Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association17 March 2023
 Submission 48Ernst Millet (2)17 March 2023
 Submission 49Arms Collectors Guild of Tasmania17 March 2023
 Submission 50Tasmanian Field and Game Association20 March 2023
 Submission 51Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party20 March 2023