Project Recharge

What we are doing:

Firearms Services and Project Unify have commenced Project Recharge to investigate and identify potential efficiencies and risks in providing online firearms licensing services to the firearms community.

The focus of Project Recharge is the improvement of interactions between Tasmania Police Firearms Services and firearms owners and related businesses, while supporting operational police in the field through the provision of timely and accurate firearms information and advice.

This includes the investigation of a secure online portal and a streamlined approach to firearms management that better fits the needs of the community, firearms owners, representative bodies and firearms dealers.

What we are not doing:

Project Recharge is not reviewing or reforming current legislation.

This project is primarily a business improvement project, using technology to better service the firearms community in Tasmania.

The project is currently undertaking a detailed analysis of business processes and seeking the opinions of stakeholders in our firearms community. You may have received a request to complete a survey already or be aware of it through Sport or Target Shooting Clubs, Firearms Dealers, or other organisations representing firearms licence holders in Tasmania.

The survey will be open until 5pm on Wednesday, 13th July. All Survey responses and contact details will be confidentially stored in accordance with DPFEM data security standards and retained for the duration of the project. Only authorised officers of DPFEM will be able to access responses as required to undertake their duties. Survey responses and contact details will be destroyed at the conclusion of the project.

If you would like to participate in the survey or provide other general feedback about this project, go to our “Contact Us” page (at the top right-hand corner of the screen) and call or send an email to”

Project RECHARGE Firearms Management System

What is happening?

The Tasmanian Government has provided funding to the Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management (DPFEM) for a business improvement project. This includes the investigation of modern tools for our customers and the staff of Firearms Services.

Project Recharge, together with Firearms Services, is reviewing current business practices, including engaging with you, our customers, to understand your experiences. At the core of this project is maximising the use of technology to streamline management processes and improve existing business practices.

At this early stage, we think that systems improvement and the introduction of online services will be a feature. Our focus is to ensure that any change will better fit the needs of the community, firearms owners, representative bodies and firearms dealers. We also seek to improve community safety and support operational decision-making by providing timely and accurate firearm information to police officers in the field.


Key recommendations from the House of Assembly Select Committee on Firearms Legislation and Policy were to investigate the feasibility of developing an online licensing system for the management of transactions with the community, and to improve interactions between Firearms Services and firearm owners.

These recommendations have been supported by community feedback and highlight expectations for improved service delivery for firearms licence holders and those associated with the firearms industry.

In response, the Tasmanian Government has provided funding to address this recommendation, amongst others.

How long will it take?

The Project will consider all stakeholder feedback to gain insights which will inform the direction and development of the future solution. While the outcome of this planning will dictate the implementation schedule, we are committed to providing updates to interested stakeholders as the project progresses.

What will I be able to do on the new system?

While the benefits to firearm owners, clubs, firearm dealers and associated businesses are yet to be finalised, the Project Team is measuring interest in possible online features such as:

  • lodging common requests and following their progress, such as licence applications and renewals, permits and exemptions
  • providing supporting documentation for requests
  • receiving renewal reminders and notifications, and
  • paying fees.

Will this project change current firearm legislation?

No, the Project is not tasked with reviewing legislation. Project Recharge is primarily a business improvement project, using technology as the enabler to do so.

Will I still be able to lodge paper forms?

While an online system will provide significant benefits, both in security and timeliness of processing, you will still be able to lodge paper forms if that better suits your circumstances.

Will my information be secure online?

The security of your personal information is of paramount importance to us. Your information is currently kept secure using best practice security, and this will not change. If anything, security of licence information may be improved. Any solution must comply with the Privacy Act 1998 (Commonwealth) including the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), and the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 (PIP Act). Only authorised officers of DPFEM can access your information as required to undertake their duties.

Where can I find out more?

Updates about the progress of the project will be provided on the Firearms Services website at In addition, we will keep you informed as the project progresses.