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New Firearms Storage Requirements have commenced

The new Firearms Storage Requirements took effect on 4 December 2017. A checklist template has been developed to assist firearms owners with understanding the new requirements and assessing whether or not their storage arrangements are compliant. For further info see: Storage Inspection Checklist…

1,924 Firearms Handed In During National Firearms Amnesty

Tasmanians have handed in almost 2,000 unregistered and unwanted firearms during the National Firearms Amnesty. Surrendered firearms consisted of 745 shotguns, 1071 rifles and 108 handguns, including: 2 x SKS military-style semi-automatic rifles handed in, one in the north and one in the south. .222 calibre rifle handed in anonymously to a North-West firearms dealer…

Firearms Storage Requirements will change

Firearms Storage Requirements will change on 4 December 2017. To allow sufficient time for firearm owners to take the necessary actions, changes to firearms storage requirements are provided in comparison to the current requirements. See: Storage, Safekeeping & Transport.

Firearms Categorisation Guidelines finalised

The Firearms Categorisation Guidelines have been finalised. The Guidelines relate to the categorisation of firearms in Schedule 1(6) of the Firearms Act 1996. The Guidelines will be used by Firearms Services for the interpretation and application of schedules 1(1) & 1(6) of the Act.

Strengthening of the National Firearms Agreement

In December 2016, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), agreed to strengthen the National Firearms Agreement (NFA), by reclassifying lever action shotguns with a magazine capacity of no greater than five (5) rounds to Category B and those with a magazine capacity of greater than five (5) rounds to Category D. Individuals should bear this…